I use DynamoDb in my side projects unless there is a good reason otherwise. I really like DynamoDb because most of the time it feels like I’m interacting with a well-designed API, rather than a database.

My preferred language is Java because I’m originally a Java developer and it helps me build things faster. AWS SDK for Java v1 has been around for a long time. It is mature but the new v2 is what is next and offers some advantages such as improved consistency, ease of use, and strongly enforced immutability.

The migration from v1 to v2 is not…

I’m Serhat Can, Technical Evangelist at Atlassian and the author of “On Call”. I’ve spent years participating in and helping customers build on-call programs. I recently compiled all my insights into one eBook, with over 100 pages focused solely on on-call benefits, challenges, and best practices.

Key insights include:

  • Why a strong on-call program is essential for business success: Regardless of the industry, the basic idea behind on call is the same: be ready to respond to customer issues when you are called. …

A picture of me from 2 years ago looking at AWS Lambda’s future.

Two years ago on June 2018, I gave a talk in Devopsdays Amsterdam (video recording and slide deck). I remember that talk like it was yesterday because I was on stage in front of some of the best names in DevOps. I was very excited.

My talk was about the problems we were having with AWS Lambda and our workarounds for them.

Recently, in our meetup, we talked about Lambda’s challenges again. As we talked, I realized that almost everything I mentioned in Amsterdam has been addressed by the AWS Lambda team. Impressive job!

The reason I wanted to write…

How AWS Cloud’s global infrastructure empowered us through our journey

The Cloud helps us move fast, reduces time to develop & ship, and eventually saves us time and money. But we often forget about how the cloud helps us build reliable apps. Modern applications need to be always-on and the cloud plays an important role in achieving this critical requirement.

Adrian Hornsby covers this topic pretty well in his recent blog posts on operational excellence at Amazon.

In this blog post, as an avid AWS user and advocate, I want to take a closer look at a specific, often overlooked, aspect of the Cloud’s reliability promise: Global Infrastructure.

We, at…

My week and 5 key takeaways from the keynotes

I attended my second AWS re:Invent last week. This means I had some experience. Soon I realized I was like a “senior” engineer with a year of experience — so I knew it all 😁.

AWS re:Invent was hard, maybe harder than last year. It was a tiresome five really long days. But all worth it thanks to all the amazing folks I got to hangout with and the amazing show that AWS put in!

App Week is a weeklong accelerator event where the Atlassians behind the products come to work one-on-one with developers building apps and integrations. The next App Week will be in Santa Cruz, California on February 11–15, and it will be the first one to feature Opsgenie!

Due to the limited space, this is an invitation-only event. Apply below to indicate your interest, and you will be notified if you have been accepted to attend.

Apply here: go.atlassian.com/appweek

Many people advocate for developers being on-call. One argument is better code and maintainable systems because devs start caring about testing, monitoring, logging and many things we associate with “operations.”

This is true. But this does not happen just because developers feel the pain of getting up 2am in the morning. It goes well beyond hurting developers.

A lot of managers have a hard time understanding what it takes to build robust and maintainable systems. They see developers as feature factories and demand a lot in such a short period of times.

As the expectations arise, developers have to start…

I’ve attended my first AWS re:Invent last week. This was a unique experience for me. I’ve never seen a conference at this scale — not sure if there are any tech events as big as 53k people. Also, this was my first time in Las Vegas. “Scale” has a new meaning for me 🙂

As a new AWS Community Hero, I enjoyed meeting most of my Twitter friends in person.

Another big thing for me was to watch the keynotes in special seats, courtesy of Ross and AWS for the community heroes!

Let’s talk about the hits now. Please keep…

This blog post is about my transition to evangelism role from software engineering. My goal is to give some insights to the folks who consider moving to a similar position.

Disclaimer: This is my experience at OpsGenie before Atlassian’s Opsgenie acquisition.

I was working at Opsgenie as a software engineer. I felt like we were doing a great job on the product side but couldn’t tell the world enough. So, I wanted to help instead of complaining. That is why I started the engineering blog, giving talks, organizing a meetup, and talking with potential partners additional to my day to…

Managing services is hard for both service owners and stakeholders. To make things easier for everyone, define a clear set of expectations from the beginning. This helps measure and evaluate the health of services easier.

In this context, SLAs (Service Level Agreement) are likely familiar. An SLA is a written agreement between the client and the service provider to ensure a healthy level of quality. If specified conditions aren’t met there are consequences, and they are often financial.

However, the real world isn’t this simple. Service owners are accountable to serve both outside and inside stakeholders. These stakeholders depend on…

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